Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mafia II - A Short Review

Mafia II was developed by 2K Czech and published by 2K Games and 1C Company and released August 24 2010. I just now got around to beating the game. I gave the first one a try when it originally came out for the Playstation 2 and didn't find it particularly enjoyable. But I figured I'd give the second one a try after seeing some of the reviews and the fact that I'm a big time mafia movie fan.

The story was cliched. It was a reminder of all the good mobster movies, from Godfather to Goodfellas, with a bit of Casino thrown in for good measure. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's a strong story, but one I've seen too many times before.

The controls are damn near perfect. Driving especially so, being able to drive cars from the 50s and up was great and really makes you feel like you're in the golden era of the Mafia. All the characters are done extremely well although some aren't as fleshed out as I'd like them to be. There are a handful of main characters that you learn about but there are too many side characters that show up once and then were abandoned.

Which leads to the game's biggest fault the lack of side missions. Mafia II is set up as a sandbox game but 2K failed to fill it with anything. The only thing to do in the game is to drive from point A to point B to start the next part of the chapter. This entirely defeats the purpose of it being an open world.

My other big complaint about the game is the sheer amount of glitches in the game there were atleast two missions where the AI screwed up and I had to either restart the mission or push the NPC to the next point of reset. This type of glitch is inexcusable from a major game developer.

The graphics are nothing impressive. The story is lackluster and cliche. The game is riddled with glitches. And it's an empty sandbox, nothing more than the main story and too much driving and running between the mission starts. However despite the flaws if you're a fan of the mafia genre of anything it's worth a play, however I suggest waiting until it price drops to around $20.


  1. I never played any Mafia games, I liked Godfather II o it might be worth getting this. It'll be a bargain now as well.

  2. Yeah I will wait. Thanks for the review.